Galvanized Souls Create Virtual Reality MV

Galvanized Souls updated

Independent alternative rock band, Galvanized Souls, pioneer in the world of Virtual Reality and music. The band is producing one of the first cinematic narrative Virtual Reality music videos for its latest high-energy rocking single “New Generation.”

Galvanized Souls recognize the changing landscape of the music and entertainment industry and fully embrace the opportunity to create an intimate, exhilarating and immersive experience for the music listener.

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The video is a non-stop action-packed adventure that will showcase a cinematic virtual reality experience. The immersed viewer will feel as if they are in the middle of the action with the entire band.

The creative partners for Galvanized Souls include the visionary VR and immersive storytelling entertainment production company, Springbok Entertainment; Oscar-winning and virtual reality trailblazing 21st century creative studio, New Deal Studios; and the digital imaging company, Immersive Media, specialists in spherical immersive video.

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Led by Brandon Zamel, Founder and CEO of Springbok Entertainment, blends the worlds of entertainment and technology across various mediums, including feature films, television, music, live performances and marketing experiences. Previously, Zamel led digital and interactive content at Infinitum Nihil, Johnny Depp’s company.

The video is written and directed by New Deal Studios’ Matthew Gratzner. An award-winning visual effects supervisor and experienced director of feature films and commercials, Gratzner has created and expanded the possibilities of immersive filmmaking with one of the earliest examples of Virtual Reality cinema, The Mission, as well as directing VR experiences for the National Hockey League and more. New Deal Studios is known for their visual effects works including the Dark Knight series, Hugo, The Avengers, Shutter Island, Inception and the Academy Award-winning Interstellar. New Deal Studios showcased at The 2015 Sundance Film Festival and 2015 SXSW Conference for their virtual reality film, Kaiju Fury.

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