Attend AES Modern Music Production Symposium

The AES Modern Music Production Symposium will take place on July 7-8, 2021.

Symposium Program Highlights

July 7, 1pm ET – Art Installation, Immersive Audio and Avant Garde Hip-Hop with Jawwaad Taylor, Leslie Gaston-Bird and Monica Bolles.

Records aren’t the only place hip-hop music resides, avant-garde Hip-Hop has been planting roots in art galleries, museums, theaters and more. This panel will explore the expansion of Hip-Hop and R&B into new venues and experiences.

July 7, 3pm ET – Relationship Goals: Exploring the relationship  between Engineer and Vocal Producer with Gloria Kaba & Simone Torres:
Moderator Jeanne Montalvo Lucar

The relationship between producer and engineer is just as important as producer and artist. The seamless interaction of the production team can make or break a record. Here we will discuss how teamwork can lead to a great vocal recording and ultimately a hit record.

July 8, 12noon ET – Connectivity Issues: Who Is Listening to Hip-Hop?

Familiarity with a genre is critical for mixing at a high level, but as target demographics skew younger and younger, veteran engineers can find themselves less connected to changing trends, techniques and the music itself.
What is the value of experience, particularly in today’s landscape of video tutorials and home studios? And if the people responsible for the fidelity of the records aren’t connected to the music itself, what does that mean for a genre so embedded in culture?
Prince Charles Alexander and Paul “Willie Green” Womack discuss the passing of torches and the importance of musical understanding.

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