Mike Errico Invites Songwriters to Hang

Occasional Music Connection contributor, Mike Errico, will soon be hosting another one of his get-togethers in NYC. Here's what Mike has in store: "As some of you know, I've been teaching songwriting for about ten years now, and early on I felt my students would benefit from a community that extended beyond the classroom. So, I created The Hang, which began as a newsletter, then gravitated online, and has since lived there, with the exception of parties in various cities around the country. The Hang has been one of the brightest spots in my musical career, and was a major inspiration for my book.

"Now, thanks to a generous grant from the New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, I have the opportunity to introduce this community that is transforming the music industry in all arenas -- songwriting, touring, A&R, mastering, AI, composing, events, and much more.

"The night is free, and will include two "sets" of wide-ranging conversations about music, punctuated by musical performances. There will be a short intermission to meet, talk, and exchange ideas and contact info." 

FAQ: Because you have questions, I get it. I've tried to anticipate what some of them are, and I've made some video explainers. If your question isn't addressed, ask away, and maybe I'll make a video about it, too.

Q: Why did you make The Hang?

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Q: What IS The Hang?

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Q: Who's in The Hang?

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Q: Why is The Hang at the Bitter End?

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Where can I hear/see members of The Hang?

The Hang on Instagram
The Hang on Spotify

Will you be playing?

No. This is a different thing. I'll be moderating and stressing about whether everyone's happy. That's how I show that I care.

How can I help?

Well, by being there, but also by spreading the word on your socials. You can use #nymusicmonth or #makethehang, if you like.

See you soon!