lowheaven Signs to Skeletal Lightning

Toronto band lowheaven has signed with Skeletal Lightning to release their upcoming EP, collapse. The post-hardcore band's first single, 'cancer sleep', and accompanying music video are out now. 

lowheaven is a brutal force. The band's musical range is vast, varying from impenetrable screamo to melodic post-metal, sometimes even in the same song. Their upcoming EP, collapse, is scheduled for release on August 25th, and is overwhelmingly filled with feelings of self-hatred, uneasiness, and pain, is underscored by a sound that can best be described as metalcore nostalgia, likely due to their 90s influences. 

Vocalist and guitarist Dan Thomson, formerly of Canadian post-hardcore band Sparrows, explains candidly, “We’re not a happy listen, lowheaven is something that has got a lot of weight.”