"Long Way To The Top" rockumentary

"Long Way To The Top" Rockumentary Hits Digital Outlets

Long Way To The Top, a new rock documentary that has been released via digital outlets, takes viewers on the road with professional musicians to look at the highs and lows of living the dream.

While newcomers the Sword, Grizfolk and David Ramirez hold center stage through musical performances and looks behind the scenes of their tours, other interview subjects include members of Def Leppard, Weezer, Phantom Planet, Limp Bizkit, Nine Inch Nails and more. Director Rob Montague comments, “It’s important to showcase every genre of music. Though one band may consider themselves heavy metal and another pop, the journey they take is the same. It’s just the details that are different.”

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"Long Way To The Top" rockumentary coverMontague and his producers clicked with metal band the Sword, recognizing commitment to their art, “They are a blue collar band, living on the road.” Producer Taylor Wallace, who is an event manager for the Red Rocks Amphitheater and other venues, notes, “The Sword is a band that takes the time to talk to their fans and savor the crowd every show. They’re in it for the music.”

Says film co-producer Thom Hazart (also responsible for day-to-day operations for independent record label EMP Label Group) says, “I watched Rob and Taylor work on Long Way To The Top for years with the kind of determination I can barely even fathom. At the end, it is such an accurate and intimate look at the heart of the independent touring musician. I recommend anyone to check it out.”

The film initially screened at the 39th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival, Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest and Skyline Indie Film Festival. It was nominated for Best Documentary at NewFilmmakers and won Best Rock Documentary at the Albuquerque Film Festival before signing with Quiver.

VP of Business Development Steve Bulzoni and Marketing & Sales Manager of Quiver Sean Flanagan, as part of a new Quiver acquisition initiative, recently highlighted in Variety Magazine, discovered the title. “The market place is being flooded with titles that fail to find the passion and support they require from their distributors,” says Flanagan. “If we can combine the passion that motivates our filmmakers with the powerful tools and relationships that a company like Premiere Digital holds, we have the chance to do something empowering and special.”

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