Material: Anyone harboring an appreciation for new age, introspective ambient from a world fusion perspective will derive immediate comfort from Todd Boston’s meditative style. One can easily imagine his instrumental healing tones gurgling throughout massage parlors like an audible brook comprised of watercolors. For this performance, he served selections from two albums––the first half plucked from 2017’s One; the second, 2012’s Touched By the Sun. “Rainstorm,” a song concerning Boston’s experience surviving a medical struggle, was accompanied by––what else?––the sound of rain. “Waves,” alternatively, was penned the morning of the Japanese tsunami. 

Musicianship: Joyfully frolicking within an acoustic Zen garden of his own design, Boston flits from instrument to instrument and provides his own backing track via live loops triggered by foot, creating a far fuller effect than would otherwise be possible. Boston is as comfortable blowing his custom Andean bamboo flute as he is alternately plucking then slapping his one-of-a-kind, Japanese-crafted acoustic guitar. Consider: he’s a Billboard Top Ten guitarist associated with Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman and won the award for ZMR’s Best Contemporary Instrumental of 2012. Does one need more proof to verify the man's extensive skillset?

Performance: Conducting multiple livestreams every week has prepared Boston well; he’s able to deliver an hour-and-a-half performance with ease. This artist’s easygoing, understated speaking style perfectly suits his music. Limiting talking between songs, he concluded with a “VIP after-party” during which he detailed his custom-designed instruments and waxed poetic about the healing power of music and a love for Jimi Hendrix. He also received questions and accepted praise from appreciative listeners. Shifting camera angles nicely reinforced audience engagement.

Summary: Todd Boston is a class act and his mission to heal the universe through music remains noble. While not signed to any label, he’s toured the globe and worked alongside heavyweights like bassist Tony Levin and percussionist Jeff Haynes. Needless to say, Boston has already arrived as a player, composer and producer in the spiritual genre. While similar in many respects to his transcendental peers, Boston’s ample abilities deserve serious notoriety. 

Web: toddboston.com, YouTube / Facebook

Contact: [email protected]