Livestream Review: Champagne Sunday

Material: Having just released their sixth album, Champagne Sunday has been committed to regular streaming shows to satiate their fans and continue demonstrating their musical passion and prowess. With a sound reminiscent of vintage rock-meets-Americana, this husband-wife duo boasts major chops. Drawing from decades-long musical careers and a variety of instrumental talents, and joined by guest vocalist and percussionist Angie Lynn, Champagne Sunday unveiled some magical music-making in their live-streamed ode to overcoming the challenges of life and finding joy.

Musicianship: Show opener “Make It Mine” highlighted this act’s gorgeous signature sound, and their effortless harmonies echoed throughout the show. Lilting guitar lines and gentle melodic country bounce followed in “Stronger,” and “Fallen” gave hints of Supertramp and early Fleetwood Mac. Themes ranged from the vulnerability and surrender of motherhood in “Top of the World”––with beautiful lower register vocals and even more delicious harmonies––to the fear of the unknown expressed in “Hideaway,” featuring a gentle vibrato and darker, more intense lyrics.

Performance: Lead vocalist Jessi Fredeen’s pipes are stunning, ranging from raw, powerful Melissa Etheridge growl power to poetic pop ballad, succinctly demonstrated in the track “Up North” with its punchy vocal licks, the theme of which covers rape and trauma recovery. Fredeen’s talents extend to her rhythm guitar playing throughout the show, as well as her contribution on the ukulele in “Top of the World,” a song that highlights the group’s incredible ability to harmonize. Husband and lead guitarist Jared Fredeen, who provides backing vocals, played surprisingly gentle accordion lines throughout “Top of the World,” and contributed gorgeous guitar solos, particularly on tracks “Hideaway” and “Up North.”

Summary: Rich musical artistry and seamless delivery set Champagne Sunday miles ahead of the crowd of musical talents clambering for an online presence. Reminding us that we are each ultimately in charge of our own reality, this talented duo is clearly in an absolute state of joy when they perform––the perfect example of following your bliss, staying present and appreciating each moment. This is what true musicianship looks and feels like when passion is front and center.

Web: champagnesunday.com

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