Livestream Review: Jessica Lynn

Material: Considered by some to be a country singer, Jessica Lynn (who hails from the New York area) is inherently more of a crossover artist who also flirts with rock and blues. The majority of her set comprises well-constructed and versatile material with an uber-catchy opening song, “Crazy Idea,” featuring a reticent partner who is nudged to throw caution to the wind, evident in the lyric payoff, move a little closer to me.

Differentiating itself from the rest of the set was “Run To” (the track for her new video), a reflective ballad in 6/8 time, where missed opportunities in a relationship are lamented: I can’t remember a time that I didn’t think of all of the should’ves/ they tear me up/...I wanna run to anything that makes me feel you/...I’ve lied to myself for so long.

Musicianship: Lynn’s vocals possess an underlying gutsy vibe that most current female country singers share, tempered with warmth. There is a resemblance to Shania Twain, who couldn’t be perfectly pigeonholed as pure country. Self-taught on guitar, Lynn more than adequately supports herself, traversing several styles.

Performance: During the performance, Lynn spoke directly to her fans as they posted comments, and it served as a strong example of how a loyal fan base can make or break the career of an independent artist. It was clear that Lynn knows how to package and promote herself; however, there were moments when the chatting seemed more directed to fans who are already on board, while the rest of us newcomers longed for more inclusion. She did break that pattern, fortunately, when a fan asked for the back story of one of the songs and we subsequently learned more about Lynn’s life and what drives her. To her credit, the artist also shared how the pandemic has affected her (mostly on the professional front), something all of us can relate to.

Summary: Jessica Lynn is a poised, polished and approachable performer with a warm voice and good marketing instincts. It’s little wonder that her ingenuity has captured a loyal fanbase. However, lessening some of the promoting during the show––inviting more universal connection––would organically draw even more fans. Lynn’s new video, "Run To," was released recently. She was also invited to be a part of a livestream concert with Joan Jett and Pat Benatar

Web: jessicalynnmusic.org

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