Sam Williams

Live Review: Sam Williams at The Pig N' Whistle in Los Angeles, CA

Material: He is the self-proclaimed “walking encyclopedia” of sixties music. And a man of self-proclaimed “perfect pitch.” With that speculation aside, Sam Williams played every instrument on his new album, To Catch A Fish In The Sea.  His vocal range and tone closely resembles that of Bob Dylan, while his song structuring and arrangements can be compared to the early Beach Boys recordings during their Pendletones era (from 1961 to 1963).

Musicianship: There is something alluringly honest about an artist who bares his/her soul through their music, live. But what makes a musician even more enticing is when they perform their very own songs, by themselves, without a band behind them. A stripped-down set is an intimate way for a performer to say to his/her audience, “This is who I am.” And in that regard, Williams shows his audience exactly who he is. With just an electric guitar, pre-recorded tracks and a Bob Dylan-esque vocal range, he plays his music in an intimate and friendly mode. And that is the same manner he speaks to his crowd.

Performance: Williams plucks his guitar as if he is flipping through the pages of an unfair version of “The Book of Love.” And that is what made his show at The Pig N’ Whistle so personable. Williams wore his heart on his sleeve, by way of Doo-wop, a mixture of modern rock and contemporary pop music. He sang songs from his album To Catch A Fish In The Sea as if all of his spectators could feel the emotional pain, and yearning for love, seeping through his diary.

Summary: Throughout American history, loneliness and heartbreak have been the key ingredients for the biggest chart topping hits. That historical notion suits Williams perfectly. His sound is highly influenced by several rock & roll and pop legends of yesteryear, such as the Beach Boys and the Four Seasons. If pinning pop-rock songs about lonesomeness worked for renowned songwriters like Brian Wilson, and famous composers like Elton John—it can certainly work out for a young artist like Williams.

The Players: Sam Williams, vocals, guitar.

Photos by Miguel Costa

Venue: The Pig N' Whistle
City: Los Angeles
Contact: [email protected]
Web: samwilliamsmusic.net
Instagram: @iheartoldies