Honey Bender

New Music Critique: Honeybender


Good thing Honeybender are seeking live opportunities. Their recordings demonstrate a solid ability to play––they’d be a blast to see live. The recordings also, unfortunately, demonstrate the band’s ineptitude as recording artists. Could be intentional lo-fi––especially the breathy, buried vocals––but the guitar tones are just awful. Sounds like they’re trying to not wake up the parents while recording late at night with direct-in tones. Get some plug ins, guys! There are so many cheap ones out there!! That said, the speedy fretwork is a lot of fun from a songwriting standpoint. The percussion is pretty good too. All in all, this Portland, OR outfit are too interesting to quit now. Keep working.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: honeybender.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Booking
Style: Math Rock