Alicia Rae

DIY Spotlight: Alicia Rae

Singer, Songwriter & Philanthropist - Discover Alicia Rae

This artist is passionate about her music and a cause close to her heart, childhood cancer. Alicia Rae is a singer/songwriter who’s been playing music since she was a little girl. But she didn’t pick up a guitar until later in life when she became determined to do everything on her bucket list. As soon as she picked that instrument up she discovered that it propelled her creativity and inspired her songwriting.

Rae began writing relentlessly and playing all around her home town of Maryland. She was quickly recognized for her memorable vocals and relatable lyrics. Her pop songs captivate listeners with playful melodies and honest observations that pay homage to her influences, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Carlton and Kina Grannis.

Recently she wrote an Anti-Valentine’s Day anthem called “Cupid,” that garnered social media raves. That song showcases her dark side as she confronts an unfaithful lover. But mostly she likes to craft pop tunes that lift your spirit and leave you smiling.

Her debut 2015 EP, Sweet Melody, is packed with acoustic gems and addicting hooks. She funds and produces all her music and videos on her own; and plays festivals across the mid-Atlantic region as well as performing at Washington, DC venues like Jammin’ Java and U Street Music Hall.

With a resolve that is undeterred, she also wants to help those with childhood cancer saying, “It’s one thing to have awareness about it—It’s another to ACT on that awareness.” With that sort of drive and ambition, Rae defines the term DIY.

For more, visit aliciaraemusic.com / facebook.com/aliciaraemusic