Live Review: Lyra Star

Molly Malone’s  Los Angeles, CA

Web: lyra-star.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Lisa Bianco, guitar; Tosha Jones, drums; Lyra Star, vocals

Material: Lyra Star is a  modern pop music artist likened to Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Maroon 5. The tunes can be dark, but they can also hit a certain amiability that caresses the ears into submission. Sometimes strong rock & roll. Sometimes a subtle ballad. Sometimes in between, but always dark, straightforward and heartfelt. 

Musicianship: The musicianship was very good. Jones held everything together with perfect beats that kept the audience grooving to the tunes. Bianco held down the rhythm despite not having a bass player to complete the rhythm section. First thought that came to mind was, “No bass player and they sound exceptionally good. How much better if they had a bass player?” The vocals were pretty flawless. There wasn’t anything fancy going on vocally, but the tunes were well written and performed.

Performance: There was a burlesque show right before the band and that might have taken away from the music, but who doesn’t like boobies bouncing to the likes of "The Mooche" by Duke Ellington? Star has a superwoman rapport with her fan base. She talked to them like they were her next-door neighbors who came over for coffee and a danish, and they returned the favor by grooving to, and acknowledging, her tunes. 

Summary: Fresh off a new EP release, Lyra Star did not disappoint at this CD release party, and a party it was. Four bands, artists, super-hot burlesque show that had everyone on their heels. (FYI, Star was one of the artists with one of the most amazing contortion acts anyone has ever seen) and, of course, there was Star, herself, singing her tunes to a grand reception from the audience. If you want deep and honest lyrics that touch the soul, reach out for a copy of Star’s EP Scars. Groove to the sounds of “Scars,” “Rise” and “Silence,” and if you get a chance to see Star live, you might get a chance to hear her perform the Radiohead cover of “True Love Waits,” don’t miss it! - Pierce Brochetti