Live Review: Rebecca Sichon

The Hotel Café  Hollywood, CA

Contact: Gary Taylor, [email protected]

Web: rebeccasichon.com

Players: Rebecca Sichon, vocals, guitar, piano

Material: Packing out the second stage room at the Hotel Café in Hollywood on a Tuesday night, Rebecca Sichon delivered a fabulous showcase of vocal artistry. With her incredible vocal runs and catchy, melodious hooks, the Vancouver-based artist held the crowd captive with her vocals and seamless guitar and keyboard playing. While the set was a short one, her powerful delivery and presence were undeniably impactful.

Musicianship: Opening number and new release, “Lil Bit of Gasoline,” featured Sichon singing with easy-feeling, catchy vocals as she shared her spicy, honest storytelling and accompanied herself on guitar with fun, syncopated rhythms. Continuing with streaming hit love song, “Together,” she brought along some Adele vibes and vocal inflections, adding gentle vibrato lines and whispered lyrics to create palpable intrigue. Her guitar and keyboard skills were solid and confident, both balancing out her vocals very well.

Performance: Raunchy, torchlight vibrato number, “Stay,” delivered knockout vocal runs and growling accents, and she built restless anticipatory tension with vulnerable lyrics, including “put your emotions on my body.” Sichon rounded out the closing song with a gorgeous vocalizing outro. Between her great use of dynamics to build intrigue and emphasize aspects of her lyrical storylines, and a powerful command of her voice, Sichon demands—and receives—attention in any room.

Summary: As an enchanting vocalist with a bubbly, warm disposition, Sichon is seriously talented and very comfortable on the stage, bringing a naturally engaging attitude to her performance. Her genuine gratitude and conversational crowd interaction between songs leaves audience members feeling as though they have connected with a new friend. Do not be fooled, however; gentle demeanor and genuine fan appreciation aside, Rebecca Sichon’s chops present a feisty powerhouse of impressive sound. Definitely one to watch. – Andrea Beenham