Live Review: Jenn Bostic

StageIt  Nashville, TN

Contact: [email protected]

Web: jennbostic.com

Players: Jenn Bostic, piano, vocals

Material: After moving to Nashville, Jenn Bostic met with a host of labels. Their representatives informed her she was too pop for country and too country for pop. Besides providing material for her song “Change,” this description aptly fits her sound. She weaves gracefully between the genres, with gospel being a third element endemic to her creative DNA. Tunes like “Leave It at the Cross” and “Wrapped” embody this worshipful side. Meanwhile, “Saturday With You” concerns lazy days snuggling on the couch. Despite the opinions of industry gatekeepers, she’s earned success as an independent artist, currently getting airplay on 14 different stations and selling out the Ryman Auditorium, among other venues.

Musicianship: For this online performance, Bostic performed solo, tickling the ivories while singing. It’s always impressive when a player can carry a performance sans others. Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising, considering she graduated from Berklee College of Music. While Bostic’s keyboard skills are impeccable, her voice is what delivers goose bumps. She knows precisely how to pull back and when to burst forth. Mention was made of an upcoming performance involving only guitar. So yes, she strums, too.

Performance: The half-hour set had a bumpy start with a technical glitch that kept the audience from hearing her instrument. With that resolved, she launched into a collection of tunes spanning her career. Bostic’s quotidian lyrics fit right in the pocket, while her genial smile and breezy demeanor pipe icing on the musical cake. During the afternoon’s closing tune, she flubbed the lyrics, quipping, “I almost robbed you of the second verse.” Her quick, honest response ups her likeability quotient even higher.

Summary: Bostic is another shining face hanging around Music Row. Her songwriting, voice, and persona are ideal for crafting into stardom. A non- threatening blend of styles should be an advantage in an industry that supposedly values originality. Regardless of critical opinions, she’s managed to attract a wide array of followers. One can only imagine how many more she’d have with proper industry backing.