Focusrite Offers Podcast Studio Makeover Competition

Focusrite, together with other leading brands in content creation, is offering an exclusive competition to outfit three lucky winners with a complete podcast studio makeover. Intended to "remove barriers to creativity" for the recipients, each makeover is valued at over $2300 in gear and includes an hour of podcast coaching from Harry Duran, Host of Podcast Junkies and Founder of FullCast, as well as the opportunity for you and your podcast studio to be featured in a video project produced by Focusrite. Visit to enter. Deadline for entries is April 17, 2020.

To enter, simply fill out the form on the landing page including a link to a five-minute sample episode and a three-minute pitch video. Chosen winners will receive a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen Audio Interface, a Heil Sound PR40 dynamic microphone and PL2T boom arm, a set of ADAM Audio SP-5 Studio Headphones, a Namba Gear Lil Namba Remix Backpack, a design session and $500 store credit with Audimute for a custom sound treatment solution, a $95 store credit with Hindenburg (enough for their Journalist software or use it to upgrade to Journalist Pro), 50% off a SquadCast annual plan and a discount on podcast hosting from Simplecast.
Entries must include:
  • An audio sample of your show [can be a link to Apple, Spotify, Dropbox, SoundCloud, or other popular podcast, streaming or file-sharing sites]
    • Entries don’t need to be an established podcast – they can be just a sample of what to expect from your show
    • Perfect audio quality isn’t important; just make sure your content can be clearly heard
    • Submit your best clip, up to five minutes
  • Up to three-minute pitch video [can be a public or private YouTube link, or via a file-sharing service like Dropbox]. Tell the judges why they should select you.
    • Show your current studio
    • Explain your show is important to you
    • Tell the audience why you’ve chosen your topic
    • Creativity and enthusiasm go a long way. Relax, have fun, show your potential
    • Submissions over three minutes will not be watched
Focusrite Marketing Manager Dan Hughley remarks, “As a content creator myself, I am personally closely aware of how much of a difference it makes to have a podcast studio that is properly outfitted. When all the pieces are in place, ideas can flow and the creativity shines, rather than instances where technical imperfections make the process more of a struggle. A great podcast should feel effortless for the creator/host, the listeners, and any interview subjects involved, and that’s what we’re hoping to help our makeover winners achieve with their work.”