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Live Review: Hinds at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY

Material: Beginning their musical journey as the duo Deers, Madrid-based indie rock band Hinds has since evolved into a larger outfit adding two additional members. Also considered garage rock and garage pop they are true to those genres, putting forth raw energy and songs with direct but unsophisticated lyrics often reminiscent of the ‘60’s (though way before their time). There are no big identifiable lyric or musical hooks; instead, singular lyric lines are repeated, taking the place of a memorable chorus. The focus is more on the girls themselves—their feisty attitude and unbridled delivery. The songwriting as a whole is not complex, favoring simpler chord structures and mantra-like declarations. “Bamboo,” an older song newly recorded on the recently released album, is built on the one, four and five chords featuring Cosials and Perrote on vocals with a blunt but whimsical delivery.

Musicianship: The vocals, less refined and polished, are in keeping with the genre’s style. Due to either technical issues or other factors, they often sounded pitchy, favoring the sharper side, which could be considered charming depending on how one looks at it. The band’s forte lies in the instrumental riffs that weave through each song and provide both a point of interest and an anchor of sorts. As a unit, Hinds are a cohesive ensemble who leave room for one another to stand out while maintaining the group dynamic.

Performance: The band seemed comfortable on stage and made every effort to engage with the crowd. A large part of their appeal was their obvious connection to each other which made them downright likeable. Each bandmate had the opportunity to share in the spotlight by kicking off a song or by playing a featured riff or solo. The drama in the performance was heightened by instrumental interludes or unexpected chords which helped to move the songs along creating variation and diversity in the material.

Summary: Four adventurous girls from Madrid who play instruments fairly well and exude enthusiasm is something that has good marketing potential. Perhaps even more of a cultural phenomenon than a musical one, Hinds’ success has a lot to do with our constant demand for the next newest thing. More attention to the vocal delivery would be a plus, as would a clearer imparting of the lyric content.

The Players: Carlotta Cosials, guitar, vocals; Anna Garcia Perrote, vocals, guitar; Ade Martin, vocals, bass; Amber Grimbergen, drums.

Photo by Mark Shilowich

Venue: Rough Trade
City: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: [email protected]
Web: hindsband.com