PRS Set to Launch Season 2 of "Long Distance" Series

As a remedy to help keep fans and Artists connected through what is arguably the toughest year ever for live music due to massive festival and tour cancellations, PRS Guitars has been hosting a series of videos entitled Long Distance on their popular YouTube channel. Each video in the series features PRS founder, Paul Reed Smith conversing with a top-tier PRS Artist or friend. Viewers can enjoy the unique engaging personal stories as well as insights into the Artists’ careers, likes, and motivators. The Artists in Season One included Mark Tremonti, Alex Lifeson, Warren Haynes, Tim Pierce, Orianthi, Dustie Waring, David Grissom, Zach Myers, Mark Holcomb, Mark Lettieri, Al DiMeola, and Neal Schon. The first season is set to wrap up on September 24th with a chat between two good friends: Paul Reed Smith and Steve Vai.

“It’s a real joy to share these Long Distance chats” says Paul Reed Smith. “These players are our friends, and while it’s always enjoyable discussing guitars and specs, these chats gave us the opportunity to share stories giving fans insight into the personal side of these great players. Very little was off limits! I asked questions I have never before had the chance to ask. Likewise, the artists turned the table and asked me questions too!”


To date the 12-video PRS Long Distance Series has provided over 2.5 of hours of entertainment with over 135k views. In fact, the Long Distance Series has been so popular that PRS is set to launch Season Two of Long Distance in the fall of 2020.  A trailer for the star-studded second season, which will feature greats Carlos Santana and John Mayer among others, is set for debut at the Live event on Saturday, October 3rd at 3:00 PM ET.  PRS Guitars will air the full conversations one-by-one on Thursdays on their YouTube channel beginning October 8th. Season One can be viewed at:

To register for Live to see the Long Distance Season Two Sneak Peak, go to Be sure to subscribe to PRS Guitars’ YouTube channel to be updated when episodes drop and to tune into other original series, including Feedback Loop quick-fire artist interviews, Factory Tours, and From the Archives episodes.