Peachcake: On A Mission To 'Save The World From Audio-Terrorism.'


From their home base in Carefree, AZ, to major festival stages in Europe, electronic pop/dance band Peachcake are on a mission to “save the world from audio-terrorism.”

With a reality TV show in the works, DIY frontman Stefan Pruett and his crew are not only a growing international phenom-enon, but they’re also “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

All this is happening, accord-ing to Pruett, because they want to promote the band’s mission to “save the world, musical superhero style.”

And they’re on a roll…  “You Matter,” the infectious single from their new album Unbelievable Souls, has not only hit playlists on many FM and college stations, but has found its way onto some of cable TV’s biggest shows, including MTV’s The Challenge, Showtime’s The Real L Word, and TNT’s Hawthorne, in addition to playing as a soundtrack behind the ever-popular sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.

The video for their hypnotic, synth-driven musical manifesto “The World is Our Platform To Mean Something” chronicles their rise in the US and their incredible success in Norway, which includes performing at the 2012 Slotsfjell Festival on a bill with New Order, Janelle Monae, AND Suicidal Tendencies 

Moreover, their song, “Were We Every Really Right?,” was selected by the International Peace Bureau and as the official song for the “Global Day of Action on Military Spending,” a worldwide event supporting demilitarization across the globe.

Indeed, it seems as if Peach-cake are succeeding—DIY style—in their mission to save the world.

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