Live Review: Griefcat

The Plus Bus Los Angeles, CA 

Contact: [email protected]

Web: griefcat.com

Players: Annie Nardolilli, guitar, vocals; Louisa Hall, vocals

Material: Griefcat is a female duo playing beautifully written tunes that poke fun at anything that’s not nailed down to the floor. A stripped-down version of their usual full band, the duo took on the audience equipped with only their voices and a guitar, and they beat the audience hands down. The music is country-ish, and is sprinkled with bluesy blues and funky R&B. The lyrics tell a story and all the songs have a comical twist that really catches you off-guard most every time.

Musicianship: The musicianship was excellent. From the get-go, Hall’s vocals were outstanding. She came through rich and clear. She is also very confident, loud and proud, and has a charisma about her that is infectious and draws one near. Nardolilli’s guitar skills were impressive. She played her guitar like it was second nature to her, and her vocals were only second to Hall’s. Together, they made it shine and they knew it.

Performance: The performance was outstanding. Hall and Nardolilli, wearing cute, matching outfits, possess incredible stage-presence. They are very likable and amiable, and the music added another dimension to their persona. The lyrics make fun of every-day things that you and I take for granted. “I Just Want To Get Inside” is about a gal trying to hook-up on a dating site. The rest of the line goes, “I just want to get inside of your bank account.” 

Summary: Super hilarious lyrics, coupled with very nice music and great vocals is a recipe for success. Griefcat makes fun of everything, but they are also bringing to light serious social issues, such as our “Carbon Footprint.” Creativity in abundance, these gals are using all their energy and resources to make you laugh and they do not disappoint. They only have a few select dates left for their tour, and it’s only on the East Coast, but if you manage to catch them, you will laugh your butt off. “Cheese, I miss you, Cheese. You bring me to my knees. You give me diarrhea, but I miss you, Cheese.”