Reel Big Fish

Album Review: Life Sucks...Let's Dance! by Reel Big Fish

Joyfully snarky, Life Sucks...Let’s Dance! is the upbeat and danceable release we needed from SoCal legends Reel Big Fish. This seemingly generic ska-punk album charms with its self-awareness in “Another Beer Song” and “Ska Show.” The band has a knack for songs that’d do well in a sarcastic Off-Broadway musical starring the 2004 cast of SNL; “G.D. Beautiful Day” and “Walter’s Highlife” are prime examples of this. Unconventional love songs “In Love Again” and “Tongue Tied and Tipsy Too” restore my faith in love, just in time to save me from the existential dread instilled by the title track “Life Sucks...Let’s Dance!”

Rating: 7/10

Rock Ridge Music
Producer: Rock Ridge Music