Lynx Announces First Module for Aurora(n) Line of Converter Interfaces

Lynx Studio Technology has introduced the first of several modules for the Aurora(n) line of A/D and D/A converter interfaces. Now all current and future Aurora(n) owners can configure their Auroras with 16 channels of AES/EBU I/O. Expanding its expandability, Lynx is developing two additional daughter boards for the LM-DIG that will add additional ADAT and SPIDIF connectivity options.

“From its inception, The Aurora(n) line was designed for non-obsolescence. Delivering new modules as well as firmware updates allows us to keep up with market demands for features and capabilities.” Stated Bob Bauman, Co-Owner and Chief Hardware Engineer. “We could simply release entirely new models with added capabilities every six months, or continue to add value with our current Aurora(n) platform. We believe our customers would rather just download a free firmware update or easily add a new module to get a slew of new features and capabilities.”

Designed to accommodate today’s needs as well as future requirements for the audio professional, the Aurora(n) features an I/O platform that can be uniquely configured using different modules. The LM-DIG is just the first of these modules to be released. Two other modules are under development and will be released over the next several months. These include a microphone preamp and an analog summing module. As with all current Lynx products, a host of new features and capabilities will continue be added regularly via firmware updates. All Aurora(n)s include a unique onboard micro SD player recorder capable of up to 32 channels of direct recording and playback designed for confidence and field playback and recording. In addition two audiophile grade headphone outs and a new 1-in 3-out Word clock I/O sporting Lynx’s exclusive second generation SynchroLock-2 sample clock technology are on every unit.

“One of the most significant results of releasing the LM-DIG Digital I/O module is that the Aurora(n) can now be configured to be a direct replacement for any classic (silver) Aurora”, explained Lynx Co-Founder and Chief Software Engineer David A. Hoatson. “Our vision for these customers is to be able to easily upgrade their current systems with Aurora(n)s by simply swapping the old unit with the new. With the LM-DIG all customers can now do this regardless of their configuration.

LM-DIG Suggested Retail Price: $399.00

Availability: Late October