Dough the Freshkid

New Music Critique: Dough the Freshkid

Production 7

It took time, but LA native Dough the Freshkid grew on us, eventually impressing us with his smart, higher-conscious point of view. He’s also got a streak of cocky confidence, as on “I See He Blew Up” where the narrator catches up with an old acquaintance after a chance encounter. Somehow, Dough’s casual flow rides comfortably atop a track that’s delicate, even feminine, in its flavor. “Open the Gates,” over a cool, dreamy beat, allows the artist to rail against historic injustices. Finally, “Sincerely Me” is powered by an engaging flow and a female vocal that proves to be inspirational. Overall, we suggest some trimming here and there to keep listeners totally glued to each of these songs.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: doughthefreshkid.com
Seeking: Promo, Distribution
Style: Hip-Hop, Rap