Corrado Rustici "Aham" music album review

Music Album Review: Corrado Rustici - "Aham" (7/10)

Decades after leading the Italian progressive
 rock/jazz fusion outfit Nova, guitarist Corrado
 Rustici is still passionate about exploring the
 vast sonic possibilities of his instrument. Us
ing only treated electric and acoustic guitars,
 he creates compelling melodies and dynamic
 mood swings while introducing a vast stylistic
 repertoire that includes ambient fusion, progressive jazz, ethereal rock, dreamy pop and sweeping classical vibes.

The only outside sounds are handclaps and one soulful lead vocal each by him and Andrew Strong (“The Commitments”). Rustici’s point here is more about emotional connection than showcasing his legendary chops.

Score: 7 out of 10

Corrado Rustici Music
Producer: Corrado Rustici