DIY Spotlight: Sarah Petrella

Sarah Petrella has always paved her own path when it comes to music. In fact, it was clear to her from a very young age that music was her deepest passion.

She wrote her first song before the age of 10, and as a young teen she won a CMA competition for “Best Vocal Group” with the country band, Most Wanted.

At the age of 16, she began working on her first professional recording projects. Although her career blossomed in country music and the Nashville scene, Petrella found her inspirations were rooted in rock & roll and the theater.

Fusing those influences, she created a deep southern rock sound with a cinematic flair. That caused critics to note that her music broke through genre-specific barriers, even though her main influences remained Patty Griffin, Grace Potter and Bonnie Raitt.

Petrella’s music has been garnering the attention of media outlets like Top 40 Charts and the flagship NPR radio station KCRW, who described her vocal stylings as “light fun to Broadway to alt-rock, in just three cuts…Petrella is a musician in the fullest sense of the word.” The station also described her cover of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” as “strong, sweet, and better than the original.”

Petrella wants people to connect with her music on a personal level. Her deepest hope is that fans will know what she was feeling when she wrote the song.

Recently, she released a music video on YouTube for her single “Mr. Mystery” off her debut EP Seasons.

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