John Canning Yates to Release First Album in 20 Years

John Canning Yates, the former singer and songwriter of Ella Guru whose 2004 album 'The First Album' was described as "the best debut album since Marquee Moon," by The Independent, has announced the release of a forthcoming album The Quiet Portraits due out April 19 on Violette Records.

The 11-track album titled 'The Quiet Portraits' was written and recorded by Yates, mastered by Jason Mitchell (PJ Harvey, Aldous Harding) and enriched by contributions from legendary pedal steel maestro BJ Cole, Scott Poley and Andy Frizell on bass & flute.

In his own words, John Canning Yates' 'The Quiet Portraits' is more than just an album. "It's a testament to the power of music, the beauty of solitude, and the therapeutic nature of songwriting," he says.

John Canning Yates' 'The Quiet Portraits' album is released on vinyl and all digtial platforms by Violette Records on April 19. 

Listen to Violette Records here