EAW Introduces MKC Series Coaxial Loudspeakers

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced its new MKC Series 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeakers. Available in four models—MKC50, MKC60, MKC80 and MKC120—this new line delivers consistent tonality for a variety of applications, even at higher output levels. Combined with the companion UXA4401 and UXA4403 amps, as well as its versatile accessories, MKC acts as a flexible tool to help audio designers provide exceptional sound for any venue.

With various ways to configure and deploy each model, system designers and consultants will have a plethora of solutions for multiple applications. From restaurants and bars, to houses of worship and performing arts centers, the MKC line is ideal for audio professionals who want to provide exceptional audio in small- and medium-sized spaces. The additional monitoring capabilities of the MKC50 and MKC60, as well as the pole mount options of the MKC80 and MKC120, also make these loudspeakers powerful solutions for production companies.

As this new series focuses on flexibility and versatility, the MKC line offers a full suite of driver sizes for audio professionals working any sized installation, application or configuration. MKC also features multitap transformer options that provide solutions for distributed and fill systems.

For more information on EAW, visit eaw.com