Kali Audio announces LP-UNF Ultra Nearfield Studio Monitors

Kali Audio has announced the LP-UNF Ultra Nearfield studio monitors. Similar to Kali’s IN-UNF, the LP-UNF is made for people working in desktop environments with limited space and ability to get loud. 

The LP-UNF is sold as a pair of speakers, with a primary speaker that houses the amplifier, electronics, and input section and a passive secondary speaker. Each speaker uses a 3.5-inch woofer and 1-inch textile dome tweeter, and measures 6.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches, taking up minimal space on a desktop. At the prescribed listening distance of 0.8 meters - about arm’s length - the LP-UNF delivers 85 dB max SPL with 20 dB dynamic headroom and has a frequency response from 37 Hz to 25 kHz. 

The LP-UNF is made to suit a wide spectrum of desktop applications. It includes tunings for optimizing the speakers’ sound to desktops whether the monitors are sitting directly on the desk, on desktop monitor stands, on the built-in stands found on recording desks, or even on speaker stands behind the desk. For all the of desktop applications, you can further optimize the sound for whether you’re against a wall or further out into the room. 

Robust inputs include stereo TRS for use with professional audio gear, 3.5mm for use with consumer equipment, USB-C for direct use with a computer or tablet, and Bluetooth 5.1 for casual listening. The USB-C connector will also allow users to keep firmware up to date as Kali adds features and improvements to the LP-UNF. 

The LP-UNF uses much of the same technology as Kali’s best-selling LP-6 and LP-8 V2 speakers. A 3-D imaging waveguide is employed to create a detailed, lifelike stereo image where all of the elements of the mix can be clearly perceived in space. The large front-firing port tube uses a unique. fluid dynamics derived shape that eliminates port noise and compression. This allows you to place the speakers against walls without worrying about adverse effects on the port’s performance. Like the larger LP-Series speakers, the LP-UNF uses Kali’s 2nd Wave amplifier technology for low noise, low distortion, and high dynamic range. 

The LP-UNF is available now in the United States, with an MSRP of $299 for the pair. More information can be found at KaliAudio.com/lp-unf