Big One

Tileyard Music Joins Forces with Notting Hill Music for The Big One Songwriting Camp

Tileyard Music is joining forces with Notting Hill Music for The Big One songwriting camp, taking place May 14 - 16 at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross, London.

The camp will be the largest at Tileyard Studios to date; with 30 studios and over 100 artists, songwriters & producers attending from across the globe. The aim of the camp is to write the next wave of exciting new songs as well as forge new relationships by bringing the best in the business together under one roof.

All the writers will be paired into teams of 3-4, writing songs for domestic and international artists, as well as having artists take part in the writing sessions. On the final day, the camp comes together for The Big One’s playback session and party, where the songs are shared over drinks and food and topped off with the wrap party in the Vinyl Cafe.

Previous camps have yielded success stories, including a large-scale advertising sync for Kia cars, as well as Kygo’s worldwide anthem 'Stole The Show' which reached Platinum in over 11 countries and to date has amassed a staggering 550,000,000 streams. Further successes include Brown & Gray’s ‘Top Down’ which has recently achieved Radio 2 playlisting for over 4 weeks.

Tileyard Music’s Jason Sharpe says, “These camps are a landmark event for all of us across the Tileyard community. Aside from the volume of songs writ- ten over the camp and the business generated from them, we’re equally, if not more, proud of the tremendous networking opportunity that arises for all of the writers involved, allowing us to forge new working relationships that last long after the camp has finished. We’re hugely excited to work again with Notting Hill Music to bring this event to fruition.”

John Saunderson, Head of A&R for Notting Hill Music concurs. “Notting Hill Music and Tileyard have had a long and massively successful history with these camps. We all decided we wanted to go BIG this year so secured 30 studios on the Tileyard complex. We have invited over 100 writers and pro-ducers who will write to brief over the three-day period. I’m so grateful to our sponsors PRS For Music, BMI, Incite, Focusrite and Tempo Music for their support.”

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