Read TuneCore Accelerator Report on Fan Engagement

TuneCore Accelerator is a new program that helps artists find new audiences and propel fan discovery at each phase of development. The program leverages industry-leading services powered by TuneCore’s promotional teams, marketing programs, and innovative products, all designed with simple objectives in mind: drive discovery of artists’ music, build audiences, and promote deeper fan engagement. The program consists of four development plans specifically customized to serve artists at different stages of their careers:

  • START: Early stage of development (tracks garnering <1,000 streams per year)
    • Enables artists to find their first listeners 
  • AMPLIFY: Emerging stage of development (tracks garnering 1K - 9,999 streams per year)
    • Builds artist discovery & listener engagement
  • BREAK: Accelerating stage of development (tracks garnering 10K - 99,999 streams per year)
    • Levels up artists to break and accelerate their fan exposure
  • MAXIMIZE: Top stage of development (tracks garnering 100K - 1M+ streams per year)
    • Optimizes catalogs of artists whose tracks already have significant audience reach and streams to deepen fandom while also maximizing exposure and catalog value

Andreea Gleeson, CEO, TuneCore, commented, “TuneCore Accelerator was created in direct response to self-releasing artists’ growing need for a better way to find and develop their audiences, especially in the early phases of their careers. Powered by our proprietary technology built by Believe Group’s artist development experts, TuneCore Accelerator identifies and enrolls artists’ music in discovery and growth opportunities best suited to advance them to the next phase of development. The first report shows that the program has already helped tens of thousands of artists find new listeners, and in the first quarter since the program’s launch, 1 in 8 artists have already advanced to a higher development segment. Building on these early positive results, TuneCore Accelerator will be expanded to enable even more artists to grow.”


Case study: Avery*Sunshine

Atlanta-based R&B/Soul and Gospel artist Avery*Sunshine has been releasing music through TuneCore for more than a decade, building a following of hundreds of thousands of fans and garnering praise from media outlets including Billboard, USA Today, Essence, and more. Between June and September 2023, Avery*Sunshine’s tracks that were included in the TuneCore Accelerator program saw a nearly 25% increase, accounting for almost half a million more streams compared to the previous quarter.*

Avery*Sunshine commented, "TuneCore has been an instrumental partner in my musical journey. Their platform not only simplifies the distribution process but also empowers me as an artist by offering valuable insights and allowing me to have control over my career. I'm grateful for how they've supported my music and, through TuneCore Accelerator, have helped me reach audiences I never thought possible." 

The full TuneCore Accelerator Report can be found HERE.