Motown Records Invites Black Creatives to Join Their Collective

Today, Motown Records put up a virtual “help wanted” sign, seeking Black creatives to apply their talents to developing materials to promote upcoming releases from the label’s artists. To be considered for a role with the Motown collective, applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and portfolio to [email protected]. For details, check out this promotional spot, which features “Jobs,” the new track from Quality Control/Motown’s City Girls.
The announcement coincides with today’s J for Jobs focus in The ABC Initiative – a multi-faceted campaign focused on helping communities navigate the fundamentals of life in these unusual times. Over the course of 13 weeks, the label is unveiling compelling social media content to entertain, inform and inspire Motown’s followers. Tied to the alphabet, topics include everything from Action, Fake News and Jobs to Nurses, Side Hustles and Xenophobia.
The ABC Initiative is also bringing immediate aid to the hungry, small business owners and others who are particularly vulnerable at this point in history. Inside Projects, a Los Angeles-based creative agency led by two Black women, created the campaign and is responsible for its execution.