Hit the Decks! It's Funk Cartel

Hit the Decks! It's Funk Cartel: Electronic duo Funk Cartel consists of brothers Blame Rory and Kimono Cam, and they both started on their musical journey when they were young having been raised with house music.

"We each found our own pathway into DJ’ing and this ultimately came together to form Funk Cartel," they say.

The guys say that their sound is influenced by whatever they're feeling in a particular moment.

"We would categorize it as house music, but which form it takes varies on our environment and mood," they say. "As artists, it’s something we are constantly looking to refine and push forward."

Their next release is the Imprints EP on Nature Records.

"As soon as wAFF announced the label it caught our eye," they say. "He is an artist we have a lot of respect for and we knew it was the right home to have our next release on. This EP for us signals a step in an international direction which is where we see ourselves moving in the coming years."

As for gear:

"We like to use 4 CDJ’s with the V10 when we play shows. Production wise we use Adam monitors with sonar works bringing clarity to our studio in East London. We use Ableton, a TR-8 drum machine and a Korg keyboard."

The duo has plenty planned for the remainder of 2024.

"You can catch us across the U.K. these next few weeks," they say. "A standout show we’re really looking forward to has to be Sankeys 30th Birthday at Studio 338 on June 8th. Later in the year we will release on our label THUNDR and we are currently putting together an EP for our first full vinyl release. In other areas we have been developing a clothing line called Cartel where we aim to develop community and culture."

Funk Cartel's Imprints EP is coming soon.

Photo by Haris Nukem