Signing Story with the Inimitable Zoe Ko

Date Signed: January 2024

Label: Big Loud Rock/Double Down 11

Band Member: Zoe Ko

Type of Music: Pop-rock

Management: Ava Solomon - NXTWAVE

Booking: Brad Wiseman - Sequel Music Group

Legal: Felcher & Freifeld, LLP

Publicity: [email protected]

Web: zoekomusic.com

A&R: Evan Lipschutz 

Hyper-charismatic pop-rock artist Zoe Ko, a veritable volcano of punk rock ‘tude, contemporary pop charm and indie angst, can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing and performing.

“The performing mainly started when I sang a song I wrote for my grandpa when he passed, and I performed it at his funeral,” Ko says. “It was so special, and I saw how magical music could be.”

Last November saw Ko release the Baby Teeth EP, while she also dropped acclaimed singles “Rib Cage,” “Petri Dish” and “Pink Noise.” All of that action saw her stock rise, while her sound has naturally developed.

“OMG, it has evolved so much,” she says. “It’s just gotten more fun and flirty, and less emotional! I’ve moved further and further away from indie-pop to more pop-rock, and alt-pop. The concepts I write about now are coated in attitude and flirtatious energy rather then introspective lyrics about my past.”

New York-raised, Ko relocated to Los Angeles and initially missed the “dirt and grit” of her hometown. After getting over her homesickness, she fell in love with the City of Angels and things have been swell. She’s now signed with Big Loud Rock, the alt-rock imprint of Big Loud Records, in partnership with Double Down 11.

“I had been working with my A&R Evan independently for a year before,” she says. “He started working at Big Loud and eventually we all met the BL team and it was love at first sight. It just felt right—the team and our visions aligned! And I loved working with Evan and my current team so much that I loved the idea of still working with all the same people but just expanding it with a bigger company.”

Ko says that she’s in a new era at the moment, following the introspective period she went through with Baby Teeth. There were ballads on that EP, and now she’s aiming for alt-pop bangers.

“Sassy concepts and committing more to being crazy,” she says. “I made all of them with my main collaborator Jonny Shorr! I like to call him the Finneas to my Billie."