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DIY Spotlight: The Lights Out

Music and beer are historically a comfortable pairing—something few bands know as well as Boston-based sci-fi alt-rockers, the Lights Out (TLO). They do, however, bring that bond to a whole new level with T.R.I.P., the band’s latest album, released via an atypical medium––beer cans.

Indeed, cans of T.R.I.P. beer (from Massachusetts’ Aeronaut Brewing Company) come with instructions on how to acquire the Lights Out's new album.

Where does one come up with such an idea? “First, you have to really love beer, that’s rule number one, and the Lights Out drinks a lot of beer,” says the band’s guitarist Adam Ritchie.

“Sure,” Ritchie continues, “we thought about vinyl, but ultimately decided to take the road less traveled. Beer is a cooler format. Our music sounds awesome at 35 degrees Fahrenheit and tastes great with the speakers cranked.”

T.R.I.P. does not care about being coy. T.R.I.P. wants you to enjoy yourself with the purity of heart that you had when your world was brand new. Crazy? Of course it is. But that’s par for the course for this band.

The Lights Out became sensitized to the truth of parallel realities and claim to be from an alternate dimension. They believe that when we are together in music, we are in the space between possibilities, where myriad experiences kaleidoscope out from the wondrous moment known as the present.

TLO declares, “The beer fuels your trip through the multiverse, and the album is the soundtrack to that journey.”

For more, see thelightsout.com.