My Goodness Will Release ‘Shake + Shiver’ On June 24Th

u34n_mygoodSeattle based rock band My Goodness will release their new full-length album titled Shiver + Shake on June 24th via Votiv Music. The 13 track record was recorded and produced by esteemed Seattle producer Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Blind Melon) at London Bridge Studio.
In anticipation of the upcoming release, My Goodness has partnered with Purevolume.com to offer fans a FREE download of Shiver + Shake’s explosive first single “Cold Feet Killer” and a view of the single’s twisted video.
Download “Cold Feet Killer” and watch the new video now at Purevolume.comhttp://bit.ly/1l2lBCM
""Cold Feet Killer” is one of the first and oldest My Goodness songs,” singer/guitarist Joel Schneider explains to Purevolume.com. “I actually wrote the majority of the music on acoustic guitar before the band got its start. In a way it was one of the first few songs that ended up inspiring the creation of My Goodness."
Consisting of Schneider and drummer Andy Lum, My Goodness formed in Seattle in 2008 and quickly took the Northwest by storm with their feverish concoction of blues-infused rock. The duo spent years honing their songwriting and playing to growing crowds with bands like Bosnian Rainbows, The Thermals, The Cave Singers and Augustines; all of which has led to this pivotal, career defining moment, the release of their new album, Shiver + Shake.
My Goodness' connection to the Seattle music they grew up on is strikingly audible.  Bands from Nirvana and Soundgarden, to bands from the early 00's Seattle scene such as Botch, Blood Brothers, Murder City Devils and Harkonen were on heavy rotation for Schneider and Lum throughout their formative years.  Dig deeper still and you find them tapping into a rich seam of blues, old and new - from Muddy Waters through Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside to the musical sass of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.  Though a very different prospect, the energy, intensity and attitude of hardcore and the groove of the blues feeds into everything My Goodness does. Ultimately it's all rock music though.  Big throbbing rock music.
In the spring of 2014, My Goodness enlisted the help of friend and local Seattle musician Cody Votalato (The Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love) who joined them as a part time member on bass guitar for their first full U.S. tour.  Votalato will continue performing live with the band when possible.
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Shiver + Shake Track List:
1. Shiver + Shake
2. Back Again
3. Sweet Tooth
4. Hangin On
5. Pay No Mind
6. Check Your Bones
7. Bottle
8. Letter To The Sun
9. Cold Feet Killer
10. Say You’re Gone
11. C’mon Doll
12. Hot Sweat
13. Lost In The Soul
For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/MyGoodness