Omega Recording Studios to Host Super Session 2014: A Free Hands-on Recording Workshop


On Saturday, May 17th, starting at 9am, Maryland's Omega Studios will be open to the public for SuperSession 2014, for a FREE, hands-on recording workshop.

Omega’s SuperSession 2014 will give musicians, producers, recording enthusiasts and aspiring audio engineers the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a live studio.  Participants will record hands-on in all four of Omega’s state of the art studios, learning basic recording techniques, as well as some of the advanced tricks of the trade in a variety of musical genres. They will be guided by Omega’s professional staff of recording engineers and school instructors.  Participants will also have the use of the large format Neve, SSL and API consoles, Omega’s collection of fine microphones, as well as some of the finest signal processing and recording equipment in the industry. They will perform digital mixing and mastering on the digital ICON, create hip-hop beats in the MIDI suite, record and edit using Pro Tools.

For over 45 years, Omega Recording Studios has been highly regarded in the music industry as being one of America’s premier recording studios.  Since its founding in 1968, Omega has served an impressive array of clients.  Artists ranging from the Washington Opera to Def Leppard, from 2 Live Crew to Barbara Streisand, Elton John, Charlie Byrd and the Washington Pops.  In 1995, Mix Magazine named Omega one of the Great Studios of the Eastern United States, and in 1996, one of the Great Studios of the World.  Omega continues to maintain its fine industry reputation today.

Since 1977, Omega has also been home to The Omega Recording Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, where students train to become audio engineers for the music, broadcasting and motion picture industries.  The school began with Omega’s famous SuperSessions, which were intense hands-on recording workshops that were warmly received and very successful.

Musicians will discover the vast difference between recording in a routine local studio and a World Class facility.  Aspiring audio professionals will get a taste of the quality of education they would receive if they enrolled as students in the Omega Studios’ School.

Because this will be a hands-on experience, participation is limited and prior registration is absolutely required. Register by calling 1-800-93-OMEGA, or go online to http://info.omegastudios.com/supersession.  Because participation is limited, early registration is advised.