Folk-Rock Group Run River North at SXSW 2014

Music Connection sat down with Daniel and Alex from folk-rock band Run River North to discuss their SXSW experience and offer fellow artists valuable advice about balancing music and a full-time job.

Music Connection: How has SXSW been treating you so far?

Run River North: It has been great. We flew in yesterday and [played three shows] and have not eaten enough BBQ yet.

Music Connection: Have you heard any horror stories about SXSW?

Run River North: We have heard it is kind of a cluster and tends to get very saturated. The challenge is trying to distinguish ourselves from all the bigger, more developed acts that are performing. [Most importantly] we are having fun and trying to play as many shows as possible.

Music Connection: You got jumpstarted with a viral video in your Hondas. What advice can you give for artists to harness the YouTube viral power?

Run River North: So many artists just sit in front of a camera in their room and we didn't want to do what everyone else is doing. We found great acoustics in our Hondas and everyone [in the band] drives a Honda, so it just worked. Just try to not to do usual YouTube things and if you have fun with it, it will usually translate [through] the camera.

Music Connection: What was the most helpful in balancing the band and your jobs?

Run River North: Playing music [for a living] is really a dream come true and I think it is something you have to absolutely dive into if you want to take it seriously. If you want to try and balance it [with a steady job] that's cool too, but I think if you really want to take it far it takes the the full commitment. Some of us who were working full time jobs realized you have to give up on sleep. You have got to pay the bills [and eat] until you get to make money off music. If you can sacrifice sleep and music is still something you want to do then I think you're on the right path and it is something you should try to balance. If you can't do what you want to do beside your full-time job, you have to find something that will make you more hungry then that.

Interview by Victoria Patneaude
Recorded by Siri Svay and Victoria Patneaude
Additional Photos by Jody Domingue