A Lot Like Birds Offer Tips on Handling Music Festivals

A Lot Like Birds took a second from their busy South by Southwest schedule to meet with Music Connection. Outside the Equal Vision Records showcase the band discussed how to handle events like SXSW as well as what states post-hardcore is most successful.

Music Connection: You've played SXSW before. Were you prepared this time around?

A Lot Like Birds: We as a band played two years ago and it was all our first times. Two years ago at SXSW was when the cogs started to turn with Equal Vision [Records] in terms of talking to them about deals.

Music Connection: What tips can you offer artists who want to stand out at SXSW to catch labels' attention.

A Lot Like Birds: Handle your band professionally, get showcases booked where ever you can even in the "unauthorized" SXSW venues and support the other bands too. That is always important. The musicians that work hard are the ones that get noticed. Nowadays you have to prove to the industry that you can do it all yourself first and that work ethic promises something them in the future. Labels and managers look for that sort of thing. No one wants to sign a lazy band. Most labels don't want to babysit a band, they want to support them with something they were already doing in the first place.

Music Connection: How would you describe the post-hardcore scene in Austin?

A Lot Like Birds: We just really like music, so the bands we like we tend to gravitate towards them. We love Hail The Sun and Let Live [are] awesome. As far as the scene down here, we always have the best response in Texas. The market down here is the best.

We have a new album out called No Place that came out on Equal Vision Records. We're excited to see everyone at Warped Tour and we have exciting stuff happening in the fall as well.

Interview by Victoria Patneaude
Recorded by Siri Svay and Victoria Patneaude
Additional Photos by Jody Domingue