Hip Hop Artist KJ Hines at SXSW 2014

KJ Hines takes a minute from his busy South by Southwest schedule to discuss what the festival is all about with the staff of Music Connection.

Music Connection: This isn't your first SXSW. How's it treating you?

KJ Hines: Usually I'm performing so much, but I really wanted to come out and just experience it from a different point of view. I'm roaming around, walking in [to different shows] seeing all this new talent. It's cool to just go with this flow here.

Music Connection:  As an Austin based artist, do you have any advice for newcomers who haven't been to SXSW?

KJ Hines: Make sure you go to Homeslice. Try not to stick with a schedule and go with the flow. You'll end up seeing some things and artists you would have never expected to see.

Music Connection: What is the greatest reward of performing at SXSW?

KJ Hines: The greatest part about it is seeing people at my shows and everyone vibe-ing off each other. Everyone is just one in that moment.

Interview by Victoria Patneaude
Recorded by Siri Svay and Victoria Patneaude
Additional Photos by Jody Domingue