Marcus Spence of TuneGo

Executive Profile: Marcus Spence of TuneGO

TuneGO's take on artist development streamlines discovery by gathering client data into one digital space. Furthermore, they offer performers services as diverse as licensing, distribution, live events and education, as well as access to hit producers. Marcus Spence comes to the company having represented artists like One Republic, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado.

Joining the Revolution
TuneGO is going to be the next great discovery platform. I’m glad to be a part of something that’s going to revolutionize. We’re thinking ahead, always evolving. We’re not going to keep doing the same thing—we’re going to keep growing, creating new opportunities and new ways to get artists’ music heard.

Why TuneGO
I’ve known CEO John [Kohl] roughly over 10 years. We’ve always been in contact. I was always respectful because he’s so great in the technology space. When he brought TuneGO to my attention I thought it was great, because artists nowadays [when they] reach out by email I don’t know their history. This gives artists a way to show people they have a fan base and they’re doing something.

Two Tiers
The free [service] allows you to put your content up to get it heard. With the pay version, we help you and go the extra mile. That’s something a lot of services do not have. That’s the part that TuneGO does that nobody else is doing right now. When you go to the next tier with us, we add extra value to make sure you succeed as an artist.

The Gift of Data
We’re putting everything in one box. We’re hand-delivering a gift to people who make decisions in the industry. We’re putting a bow on it and saying, “Here, we’re giving you everything.” You don’t have to go to a million places. Now, you can just go to TuneGO. When you go to a label or anybody who’s going to invest in you, you can prove growth in your numbers and have it all in one.

Making Everybody Great
We strive to make everybody great. That’s the difference between us and anybody else. We’re not just here to collect and not advise. We’re here to make sure everybody is getting the conversion they want to get because they want to get to the next level.

Image Counts
Whenever I hear an artist, I look at their image. A lot of A&R is seeing the marketing and where it could go, not just hearing a record to hear it. “I could see the video for this, we could do a campaign with this brand, I see what audiences could get in touch with this song or album.” You have to be able to visualize and think ahead of the curve, not just for the moment.

Covering Every Area
Learning every area of the business taught me to watch a project so I’m not blind to anything. That’s what this platform has. We’re not limiting ourselves. We have to offer all these pieces of the puzzle, because that gives people the chance to figure out what the brand is and who the artists are.

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