DIY Spotlight: Christine Carol

Guitarist Christine Carol started playing when she was 20 years old—a comparative late starter. Her career got a boost when she attended a casting call for a female guitar player and found herself auditioning at Corey Feldman’s mansion.

“Corey Feldman & the Angels is a band where Corey is the frontman, backed by an all-female band dressed as angels,” Carol told us. “The day [of the audition] came and I already had an angel costume, so I put on my wings, packed up my guitar and was on my way. I was asked to hear a song once that I had never heard before, and play it live in front of Corey. The difficult part for me was that I am more of a session musician because I come from playing in cover bands, where there is already existing sheet music. I sucked it up and played the guitar part the best I could, and they loved it. I hit it right on the money and got the job.”

Unsurprisingly, she says that it has been an amazing experience, traveling around the country and performing on TV. The Today Show, she says, is a highlight.

“I was backstage in the green room, playing in a cover band—I happened to be wearing a Screeching Weasel shirt and Carson Daly is looking at me,” she says. “It turns out that Carson is a friend of Ben Weasel from Screeching Weasel, who was being featured on a segment of the show—It’s a small world after all.”

Carol plays in Screeching SHEsel, an all-female Screeching Weasel cover band, with members of Go Betty Go and more. She also plays in a female Social Distortion tribute called Sick Girl. She also has a solo album coming out.

“I’m going to work with an all-star line up of musicians—guitar player Johnny Two Bags from Social Distortion, and possibly Mike Ness, guitar player Mike Dimkich from Bad Religion, and the Cult drummer Jamie Miller. It all depends on contract agreements.”

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Photo credit: Karen Mooreside