DIY Spotlight: Owen Rivera

It’s shocking to learn that bluesy rocker Owen Rivera is just 13 years old. Not only because he’s already an astonishingly accomplished and mature musician, but also because he’s so sharp and at ease when discussing his musical life so far. The young man has the demeanor of someone with many more miles on the clock. But then, he did start playing music at the age of (get this) two years old.

“My parents got me a drum kit and it hit from there,” Rivera says. “It was very much an addiction– –I’m not gonna lie. I’d pretend I was in a concert. I played [Beas- tie Boys’] ‘Rhymin’ & Stealin’ at three years old.”

Rivera says that he was fascinated by Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same from the age of four, watching the fim every day and falling asleep to the band’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

When you learn that Rivera has already performed with the likes of Staples and Nash, it really is hammered home that he’s not your average 13 year old. His music has appeared in commer- cials, and he’s also a voiceover artist for animated TV shows. If that’s not enough, he has an artist agreement with Ernie Ball.

“I started releasing my covers the last few months while I am working on my new content and a guitarist in Mexico took notice,” he says. “He enjoyed my work so he sent it to a guitarist in Scotland who talked to one of his contacts, who contacted Ernie Ball, who then contacted me...crazy how Social Media can work.”

Rivera is currently working on new music with producers in Beverly Hills, with a number of songs neatly ready for release at the time of writing. Proudly Puerto Rican, he’s also working on many Latin-influenced and Spanglish songs and he’s got a couple mil- lion online views in the Latin and Mexican market. His star is very much on the rise.

Owen Rivera’s debut album is due out in the fall.

For more information, contact [email protected].