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Live Review: The Vignatis at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA

Material: The Vignatis have a well-mixed selection of music spanning genres including jazz, rockabilly, big band, swing and pop. Nicely crafted tunes that take you through the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s but elicit the feeling you’ve just seen the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Uplifting tracks like “It’s Gonna Be A Better Day,” “Little Things You Do” and cover “Chicken Fried” by The Zakk Brown Band invoke thoughts of what everyone goes through in life and everything will be alright.

Musicianship: Fabrice Vignati showed off his well-rehearsed guitar artistry and craftsmanship. Tracy Vignati played the clarinet, and although a little weak at times, it adds a pleasant and appealing dimension. “Saint-Tropez Twist” stands out as an exceptionally well-played, well-written song that showcased Fabrice’s versatility on vocals and Tracy’s clarinet. Both vocals are strong and won over the audience from the get-go.

The backing band stole the show on “Minor Swing” as they took turns entertaining the crowd, ripping solos. Rosenfeld, Rakness and Leach all add a new dimension, improvising on cue as well as performing their parts flawlessly.

Performance: Everyone was confident and in command throughout the show. Good stage presence with a tinge of cockiness combined for a splendid visual and audio display of fine musicianship. The performers maintained good audience interaction and it didn’t hurt that everyone was well-dressed and upbeat.

A Q&A session added a unique perspective as The Vignatis were asked personal questions, and they graciously opened up as to how they met (they are married) and how the pair have fared on their journey. They also discussed the naming of one of their instruments.

Summary: A clarinet/guitar duo with a backing band, The Vignatis deliver fabulous vocals on great tunes. Superb sound and mix at the Clive Davis Theatre in the Grammy Museum and fun, inspiring songs made for a pleasant afternoon of music. If you’re into Brian Setzer-inspired bebop, optimistic and hopeful, lyric- driven songs, The Vignatis are worth a listen.

The Players: Tracy Vignati, vocals, clarinet; Fabrice Vignati, vocals, guitar; Hal Rosenfeld, drums; Geoff Rakness, upright bass; Jay Leach, pedal steel.

By Pierce Brochetti
Photo by Peter Figen

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Venue: The Grammy Museum
City: Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]
Web: theVignatis.com

The Vignatis - "Paris to L.A."

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