Lennon Song Contest Announces Winner and Summer Contest Deadline

"Dear Love" by Dave Quirk and Alexa Valentino has been announced as the 2022 John Lennon Songwriting Contest "$20,000 Song of the Year". Dave Quirk grew up in Klamath Falls, OR, where as the oldest of seven children he taught himself to play and write music. Alexa Valentino, from New York, is quickly becoming known for her unflinching lyrics and heart-stopping vocal performances. The songwriting duo met on Zoom through Global Songwriters Connection." Dear Love" won Grand Prize in the Pop category then went on to become one of 12 Lennon Award winners that competed for the Song of the Year. Winning this top award earns them a $20,000 check along with more prizes from Universal Audio, SSL, and OWC. This is in addition to the prize packages they received for their Lennon Award and Grand Prize wins, bringing their 2022 JLSC cash and prize total to more than $40,000. Listen to "Dear Love" and learn more about Dave and Alexa at this link: jlsc.com/winners/2022b/song_of_the_year
Enter the SUMMER SONGS Contest
The days are long, the nights are warm, so the Summer Songs contest carries on. Songwriters have been devouring the Summer Songs contest like cold watermelon on a hot day. So JLSC had to run it for a third week! Enter the JLSC by Sunday, August 6 for another chance summer love.All Summer Songs entries also compete in Session II of the 2023 contest.
Each song has 2 ways to win!
CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE HOTTEST SUMMER SONGS CONTEST INFO: JLSC.com/SummerSongsThe Summer Songs winner will be announced on Monday. Follow @lennonbus on Instagram and @theJLSC on Facebook for the hot summer songs notifications.
The Summer Songs Week 2 winner is"DNCE W/ME" by W/FRNDS Ft. Lauryn MacfarlaneW/FRNDS delivers a summery jolt of happiness with this playful song featuring an infectious groove and flirtatious vocals guaranteed to draw you out of the air conditioning and onto the dance floor. Don't ignore their invitation to DNCE W/ME.