Abby Posner, Blackbird Record Label, SRO PR Align for LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention

Queer singer-songwriter-producer Abby PosnerBlackbird Record Label and the Schneider Rondan Organization (SRO PR) have aligned with The Trevor Project in connection with Abby’s recently released song "World Is Yours" whose themes of personal freedom, acceptance and resilience are in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Along with a financial contribution, digital proceeds from the uplifting Americana song, written by Posner and Mitch Schneider, will go to The Trevor Project, the leading suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ young people. Posner is also now training to become a Trevor Counselor. Listen to the song HERE and watch the animated video, created by Jessamine Sison, HERE

"Many LGBTQ young people turn to music as a source of comfort, joy, and support—and it is wonderful that young people all over will be able to hear a powerful song of acceptance and affirmation in 'World Is Yours,” says The Trevor Project. “We are incredibly excited to partner with Abby and her team to help spread the word of this anthem to those who could benefit from it." 

Says Abby, the genre-fluid Los Angeles-based artist:  "When I first heard the song ‘World Is Yours,’ I was immediately drawn to it, and I wanted to produce/record my own version of it. As a queer songwriter, I believe the world needs more LGBTQ songs that encourage young people to be themselves and lean into their authenticity and strength. She adds: “I recently started training to become a Trevor Counselor, and so far it has been one of the most eye-opening, and rewarding, experiences. I hope to continue giving back to the LGBTQ community with my music and working with The Trevor Project." 

"We are honored to support the work The Trevor Project is doing to end suicide among the LGBTQ youth community,” says Manda Mosher, artist andco-owner of Blackbird Record Label. “Creating an environment of love, encouragement and support is vital. We are grateful that “World Is Yours,” an inspired collaboration by Abby Posner and Mitch Schneider, is connecting to empower and uplift through both the song’s message and support of donation to The Trevor Project." 

Video creator Jessamine Sison explains that, while working on the imagery for this video, “I wanted to stay true to its Americana/country sound by depicting small towns and vast horizons. I also wanted to honor the important message in the lyrics to help spread that message to a wider audience. I felt the imagery had to be relevant, timely, and heartfelt. The last building façade in the first part of the video is the historic Stonewall Inn bar.” 

About The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is the leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. Every year, more than 1.8 million LGBTQ young people seriously consider suicide in the U.S. alone—and Trevor is on a mission to provide every single one of them with the support that they need as we work to end suicide among LGBTQ youth. Trevor provides free, confidential crisis counseling available 24/7 on the platforms where young people already spend their time: phone, chat, and text. We also run TrevorSpace, an international safe-space social networking site, and work to prevent suicide through education, research, and advocacy. Our services holistically support LGBTQ young people today while shaping a more inclusive tomorrow. 

About Abby Posner
Years before creating Americana records that shrink the distance between genres, ABBY POSNER grew up in a small mountain town outside of Denver. By 10 years old, she was making her own recordings on an 8-track cassette recorder, playing all the instruments—including piano, guitar, bass, and drums—herself. Meanwhile, her father introduced her to classic records by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and iconic blues artists. POSNER also became a devoted fan of punk music, moshing in the pit during gigs by bands like Alkaline Trio. Music wasn't just a hobby; it was a lifeline. "Music has always helped me cope with the difficulties of life," says POSNER, who's spent the past two decades in Los Angeles. "I'm queer and I came out at a very young age. Music was the glue that held me together through all of that. It helped me process my feelings about being different." She shines a light on the full spread of her creative abilities with Second Chances, her upcoming album (August 2023, Blackbird Record Label) that uses modern American roots music as a springboard for a bigger, bolder sound. Influenced by everything from punk/rock to electronic music, Second Chances is every bit as diverse as the artist who made it. Coming on the heels of 2021's critically acclaimed Kisbee Ring, Second Chances marks the newest chapter in a life story that's still being written. Flip back a few pages and you'll find a number of early-career milestones: the episodes of “Glee”that found Posner on prime-time television, playing guitar and banjo; the film scores she created for award-winning projects like the Starz documentary Lady Buds;the shows she shared with headliners like Sierra Hull, Dave Alvin, and iconic lesbian folksinger Phranc; the hundreds of songs she wrote, several of which were used by Hulu, Netflix, Freeform, and “This American Life.”
Abby Posner Photo credit: Jeff Fasano