DIY Spotlight: Galvanized Souls


Don’t let their ages fool you… It’s not every day you meet a band aged 15 to 19 years old who make their own instruments. Well, Galvanized Souls are not your typical teen band.

“We like creating things, taking them apart and putting them back together like a Frankenstein type of thing,” says lead guitarist Chris Traylor.

Lead vocalist Zakk Silveira, who installed a vocal box pedal with AutoTune on his guitar for a rock cover of Cher’s “Believe” (http://vimeo.com/84994969), says that as a child he “loved building stuff or getting an old radio and taking it apart.”

These guys are also real musicians, writing their own material and experimenting with different sounds and styles, ranging from grunge to pop to punk. Taylor explains, “We love to try out new things…we try to make every song sound different.”

In fact, the band just released their 5-song self-titled EP, which is available at all digital media outlets.

Along the way, GS won Beat 100’s “Ultimate Musician Award,” were chosen as a “Featured Artist” on Reverbnation, and won the 2013 Thousand Oaks Teen Center Battle of the Bands. They are also participating in several charity concerts and plan to tour this year.

Visit http://galvanizedsouls.com


By Bernard Baur