Get Your Club Music in Rotation Nationwide is pitching tracks for inclusion in public performance playlists across high-profile venues. Music selected for rotation will be played across popular national indoor and outdoor mall chains, nightclubs, social spots, retail shops, restaurant chains, fashionable retail plazas and well-known big-box retailers. Station programmers are expressly looking for Indie Pop, Dance, Electronic, DJ music, House, Trance, Alternative remixes, Urban remixes, Club remixes, and Radio singles.

Sound designers typically look to traditional contracted publishers and promoters for new music. However, has opened this opportunity to unrepresented, undiscovered artists as a way to be heard across the same custom radio outlets without being signed. Keep your music in your control, keep your revenue, get visibility.

Submission Criteria: 
- Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for public performance.
- Tracks must be appropriate for the application it will be supporting.
- Artists must own all copyrights - No uncleared samples.

Submission Requirements:
- A SoundCloud or DSound link of your song (for producers to stream). No file-delivery or FTP.
- WAV file/MP3 and metadata (once reviewed and selected for broadcast).

Submission Fee: $15.00 per track

To submit, visit