Film Score Compilation

Composers Needed For Film Score Compilation

A UK-based music publisher and production music library is currently seeking submissions to contribute to an upcoming film score compilation.

Currently seeking a varied selection of film score music, which should fall into the following moods/styles:
- Real emotional impact over 2 mins (or 30 sec edit) without sounding too overblown or overpowering
- Uplifting, beautiful moments
- Thought provoking
- Intrigue/slightly dark in places
- Needs to pull at the heartstrings
- May build into a crescendo

When submitting your work please note:
1. Music must be of a high standard & professionally recorded/mixed

2. You must be in full control of the publishing copyright as well as master recordings.
3. NO RETITLING. All compositions must be original and not already part of any other existing music library.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

To submit, visit filmmusic.net/job-details/FMN-Job-6002---Composers-Needed-Immediately-For-Film-Score-Compilation-1797.html