CCC Announces Webinar: Building an Artist's Team


Are you an artist looking for your next step? A recent graduate breaking into the music industry post-COVID? A student wanting the inside scoop from actual industry members? Or are you a seasoned professional wanting to know in detail what the current musical climate looks like and where it’s headed? Look no further.

This panel will feature opinions from managers, artists, lawyers, booking agents, and more. Get your notepad ready for an exciting rundown of what locking down a new musical artist’s foundational teammates look like from multiple perspectives.

If you’ve been scratching your brain on how to break through the TikTok algorithm, asking yourself if you’re ready for a manager, if you are wanting to become a manager and wondering how to find great talent to work with, perplexed on how new artists are booked on large tours/festival runs, and wanting some opinions on where the music industry is headed from some ‘new on the scene’ heavy industry hitters, this one is for you!


Taylor Lenz | Artist/Songwriter


Stevie Comanche | Manager at RAW Material 

Adam LaRue | Manager/CEO, LaRue Music/Artist Consultant

MILES | Artist/Songwriter

Erin Workman | EVP Department Head & Faculty,
Songwriting & Music Business, Los Angeles College of Music/A&R Consultant/Songwriter

REGISTER HERE: the ccc.org

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

2:30pm – 3:30pm | Zoom Webinar Broadcast

Advance Reservation:
CCC Members $0 per person | Non-members $5 per person

Registration deadline is Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 1:30pm PT