BuzzAngle Music Launches Interactive Daily Music Charts

buzzangle musicBuzzAngle Music, Border City Media’s comprehensive music analytics service, has launched interactive daily charts that allow consumers, press and music industry employees to personally select music sales and streaming ranking criteria by city, genre, dates and more, leading to an ability to produce over 250,000 unique charts, revolutionizing a slow, staid and stale aspect of the music industry.

BuzzAngle Music’s new charts offer data at a more granular level (and in a much more timely manner) than other commonly used forms of sales and streaming measurement available up to this point, and top music outlets have already signed syndication deals to share their data with readers, including Music Week, Hypebot.com, Pollstar and Record Store Day.

The launch of BuzzAngle Music’s daily charts comes on the heels of the first official Global Release Day, in which new albums all over the world were released on Friday, July 10, and will continue to be released on Fridays moving forward. The first available sets of data from BuzzAngle Music include the final charts from the 11-day transition week of June 29 through July 9 and the daily, cumulative building charts for the first two days of the new tracking week, Friday, July 10 and Saturday, July 11. The week-to-date charts will be updated each day to reflect the previous day’s sales and streaming activity. To view the full set of charts, visit buzzanglemusic.com/charts.


“Whether you’re a band, label executive, journalist, record store clerk or just a music lover, BuzzAngle Music’s new daily charts provide an exorbitant amount of data to analyze and enjoy,” said Jim Lidestri, Founder and CEO of Border City Media. “Given the myriad ways people consume music today, we know that the sales and streaming data that’s been most commonly used and referenced up until this point is not as comprehensive or regularly-updated as it could be, and we couldn’t be more excited about providing a much more in-depth and timely alternative to the weekly summary charts available previously.”

"The music industry has been addicted to charts and trying to game those charts since the 1950's,” said Tom Silverman, Founder and CEO of Tommy Boy and Co-Founder and Executive Director of New Music Seminar. “Since the beginning, the publishers of charts controlled the criteria for the music charts. Finally, BuzzAngle Music has introduced dynamic charts that are user-controlled. You control the tracking period. You control the genre. You control the geography. You control the consumption type, outlet type, and the release period. BuzzAngle takes it beyond transparency to giving chart power to the user…revolutionary."

With full support from the Music Business Association and the Independent Music Store Coalitions (CIMS, DRS, AIMS), BuzzAngle Music has previously released album and single data for Record Store Day (for which it is an official sponsor), providing greater visibility and advanced tools for physical and digital music retail analysis for independent record stores and their unique mix of inventory and sales, giving a voice to stores and data that have never been counted.

For more information, visit buzzanglemusic.com.