Beatchain Partners with Eleven Seven Label Group and McGhee Entertainment

Beatchain, a powerful data-driven platform, has announced strategic partnerships with Eleven Seven Label Group (E7LG), one of the world's leading independent music companies, and McGhee Entertainment, the management company base of mega-manager Doc McGhee. Beatchain will use its technology platform to help both companies grow artist fan bases and engagement for select developing artists.

Eleven Seven Label Group will initially use the Beatchain platform for two emerging artists, Just Loud and Bang Bang Romeo. In addition, Beatchain’s rich data analysis will be utilized for decision making tactics in A&R, catalogs, soundtracks, new music, ticketing, social media, advertising, and geographic targeting of the best markets.

Allen Kovac, CEO of E7LG and Tenth Street Entertainment said, “I have been a proponent of technology and data in our slow moving industry. We have been struggling to find a way to make the best use of our data and we are thrilled to be partnering with Beatchain to do just that. I am confident that Beatchain’s platform will be a game changer.”

For McGhee Entertainment, Beatchain will deploy a developing special feature set, optimized for managers of touring artists, and for agency, manager, ticketing company and promoter use. This use of the Beatchain platform will offer the possibility to automatically identify the most viable potential tour markets, estimate appropriate venue size and ticket pricing and then hyper target tour markets to promote to only those fans most likely to respond. This will result in sellouts at a massively reduced promotional cost.

“We are thrilled to be working with industry leaders such as E7LG and McGhee Entertainment,” said Beatchain Founder Ben Mendoza. “Our newly launched platform will allow music pros to bring their data points together, use the latest in AI, automation, and data science techniques, and drive informed decisions in multiple areas.”

The Beatchain team, which is led by Mendoza, consists of behavioral economists, PhD data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning experts and senior music industry professionals, all of who are using the latest analytical techniques.